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Blason RGL Imhof

Regina Maria Lyra S.E. Imhof


De Jasinski de la Maison des Comtes Ursins

About Us

Founder of Art sans frontières

Member of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce ( Latcam ) in Zurich, Switzerland

Member of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Brazil ( SwissCAM ) in Sao Paulo Brazil

Here you will see details of various exhibitions organized by myself with Brazilian and Swiss artists in both countries .

Exhibitions of painters, writers, photographers, musicians and sculptors. Organization of social and cultural events.
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Francy Thiebaut

About Us2

Art sans frontières said goodbye to its founder

Regina Maria Lyra S.E. Imhof
to be replaced by Francy Thiebaut,
New manager in the organization of events and future exhibitions.