-Participation of 70 years of Aldemir Martins in the exhibition the gallery in São Paulo, Brazil.


- Lady representative Inah Prudente de Morais in giving the picture of her property painted by Candido Portinari Lady Maria Prudente de Morais , wife of former President of Brazil Prudente de Morais Republic to the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo.


- She brought to Salvador Bahia Brazil , The Painter Alain Resseguier to exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Bahia.


- She helped the Mayor of Bernex Alain Mauris to host the Gol de letra group of former player Rai of Sao Paulo F.C.


- She invited a second time the Gol group de letra to comeback to Bernex Geneva Switzerland..


- Organization of The Painters Exhibition at The Château de Penthes a concert by the singer and composer Jean Pierre Huser ,dedicated to former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


- Organization of a Brazilian batucada show at The Artists Exhibition at Hotel Chavante de Bogis Vaud Suisse.
- She took the Lula Discc to the Planalto Palace in Brasilia for Sr.Claudio Rocha Director of artistic and historical documentation.


- Poetry concert and guitar of Pino D'Oro Writer, Carmem Roca Storyteller and Claude Lopes Guitarist at The Hotel Kempinski in Geneva Switzerland,on the exhibition of renowned artists.


- Renowned Painters Exhibitions with modern musical performance of the singer and composer Druda Jonh IgorDruda Imhof at The Château de Penthes.